Search engine optimization companies for small business


What to consider when choosing the SEO company? There are several points you can think about and I have selected 10 pieces. What point is the most important customer must decide for yourself? Very it is about how you look at Seo – for it is hardly a concept that is set in stone.

1 – Choosing Good SEO Services

I work with SEO, both in my work and my hobby. But I do not exaggerate the so-called SEO companies. What I write is objective opinions even if they are of influence is reflected in my opinion. This should be compared against the wizards company writes on its website about what one thing to think about when choosing search engine optimization companies for small business. Obviously, highlights the points that the company is working with yourself.

Those seeking to choose the right company will get Get updated as the first hit. An SEO company who writes about this on their website. But are they really objective in what they emphasize the points? Showing both disadvantages and advantages to the way they propagate? Nothing bad to say about the company but taking in views from more than a subjective source.


The view of the performance-based payment of SEO is divided. There are companies large and clearly trumpeting the customer only pays if you reach the top 10 positions. This while others charge regardless of the results. In ” Gold Location online ” which came out a month ago takes Founder of SEO firm Brath up what he consider important when choosing an SEO company. One of the points was that you should not hire a company that promises that it will be, for example, the top 5 or the like. The reason is that you never know where it will end up. The only thing the company can promise is that they will do everything they can to reach high.

But to opt out performance-based SEO – it is like buying a pig in a poke? Like walking into a car dealership and pay 50.000kr and then do not know if you come up with a great car, a pair of tires or nothing. On the one hand you can see it that way, but on the other hand, always see what the company has implemented the measures (more on that transparency). One should also remember that SEO is marketing. Which marketing companies doing ads on TV and radio can promise that X number of new customers will come to the company?

What then are the dangers of performance-based? If the company has spent many hours on the project, but it paid off so they will not receive any revenue for this. Those opposed to performance-based SEO suggests then that companies may take to wrong methods to achieve results. Anything not to go back too much on outsourced time. For sure, there are shortcuts.

If you choose performance-based, so you should definitely look at how long you should be at the top because you have to pay, how many keywords should be there and the pricing varies depending on where you end up.

Personally, I believe this point will be the most debated point for a time among the SEO companies. Is performance-based SEO good for the customer or not in the long run? It is not easy to answer.

What is best is to decide for yourself? The main thing is that companies account for what they offer.


Even the perception of how the links that the SEO companies may outsource should be handled varies. Some call these hyrlänkar or permanent links. Even here I put a clause because the concept of permanent links is somewhat misleading. If an SEO company says that the links they put out are permanent belief the customer (if you are not very familiar with SEO) that the links will provide the link power forever. Positively? Yes and no. But it sounds good anyway in the client’s ear.
Permanent is at least not at 100% when the domain can be laid down that the link is on. What company can promise not to a domain will be closed over the next 70 years?

“Hyrlänkar” means that as long as they work on the side so the links will be. But they say the agreement that is also inlänkarna away. It does not mean that the page will fall like a stone on the day they are removed, but very likely it will be noticed after a few months.
But it also depends on how many other links that you have got to his side. Perhaps they are so numerous and strong that they are sufficient to maintain the investments.

Here there is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The offering “rent” have extremely good control of the domains the links are coming from. They can break the links on a domain becomes a victim of the Black Hat or otherwise penalize by Google. They have control – both of link power and you. For the downside is just that it commits itself. The day you do not want to help anymore, it may prove that all link power built up will disappear over one day. What is best depends on a lot on how you want to work with SEO.



If you choose “permanent” links need to even ask about the SEO firm can delete them if you wish. This even after the subscription expired. And this within one or two weeks. For this is a disadvantage to those links. Create links yourself, you can easily write up the email addresses of those you switched and bought by. This way you can contact them if you feel a link gives bad effect. Hopefully, they will then remove the link. But how do you do if you get a bunch of links from SEO companies who say they can no longer take responsibility for the laid permanent links after you terminated the contract with them?


As with all services, check the references. Listen to the SEO forum about what others think of the company? Search opinions and reviews, and most of all talk to someone who hired them sooner. That it says on the website that the company XX are extremely pleased not say more than this. It’s obvious that they just put out the references are positive.


With perfect SEO and a bit of luck, you can get the first position on Google and the numbers of visitors to the website. But that does not mean you will sell more automatically. Much is also about how the site is designed to get visitors to make purchases. SEO then go hand in hand with a well-developed and well-designed website. Can SEO company can offer this as well or do you need to hire two companies ( SEO companies and web agency ) working towards the same goal but with different tools?


No one wants to be punished by Google – but all can be. Obviously, the risk is less with those who work with SEO as a pro but the risk is always there. Is there anything that your SEO company takes up with you in the discussion of the work?
Now there are guidelines from Google to adhere to. At least in theory. Those who read them and followed Matt Cutts know they say contradicts itself more than once. But those who are very afraid of the wolf should choose an SEO as much as possible, stick to the guidelines. Adds an SEO company a link and you pay the SEO company money for SEO, it becomes a purchased link. Arranges the rather blog contests and promotions, writes exciting news etc to generate interest in your site then it is much closer to the guidelines.

Should we then be “afraid of the wolf?” It must be determined myself but given that all (in big or little extent) provides methods that are not within the guidelines, so it should not weigh heavily in the selection of the company.

However, one can think about how your brand is affected. Does it make any difference whether or not to link to the company pop up on blogs and websites were little town?


Small businesses Arens first question is – What does it cost? The answer given by the SEO companies are two entirely different:
“Because we need to do a thorough analysis of your page first to know what needs to be done, it costs 10-20000 to get a quote where we present how we can work further”
“You can get a free quote for free within a few days”


Yes, but they put it up in different ways.

The first company to do a fundamental analysis and make a strategy on how they will work. The other company will likely more than general analysis of the places hardly the job of 20,000 just for a quotation. But if they are, then the customer will certainly make a deeper analysis and draw up strategies to know how to work on. That they must do if they are to achieve a result.

To have an offer price of 20.000 is rather like a sieve that filters out the smaller customers that the company does not want to work with.

One thing is for sure. If you can not afford the quote, you are not the company’s customer base. Go ahead and look for a company that works with small businesses.


When you buy a phone subscription can choose between prepaid and shorter or longer subscriptions. Nothing wrong with that – choicely is good. The choice is also in SEO. Good or bad?

In April 2014 there was a wide range of what was being offered. There were companies with periods up to one year while others do not have periods at all. There was a company that has three months, and in those who have no notice at all.

All, however, agree that SEO takes time. It will take several months before you start seeing results. Not that you have reached the top but to move there. The companies that have periods mean that it is good for the customer should clearly understand that it takes time and they want to show what they can achieve at this time. They might start projects that will take some months to complete and then it can be costly if the customer pulls out suddenly. Hence the term and notice period.

Other reasons ” We are good at what we do, that’s enough .” Would you jump off, it’s up to you. We will still be working in the long term.

The main thing is that search engine optimization companies for small business are clear about what you as a customer can expect that they will achieve in different periods. Targets and key objectives are important.


Everything the search engine optimization companies for small business does, you know. URL to each link, statistics each month and writing what they did on page. Why should you pay if you do not see what is implemented? SEO is not some secret activity (although some would argue it).